Tamil transgender rejected by Air Indiajob, seeks ‘mercy killing’ nod from President!

Tamil transgender rejected by Air Indiajob, seeks ‘mercy killing’ nod from President!

Tamil transgender rejected by Air Indiajob, seeks ‘mercy killing’ nod from President!

A transgender candidate was denied a job as a cabin crew by Air India. In spite of meeting all the requirements, failing the gender eligibility test rid Shanavi Ponnusamy of the job position. Ponnusamy had applied for the job in 2016 and moved to High Court in November 2017 challenging the airlines’ decision. On Tuesday, she wrote to the President of India Ram Nath Kovind seeking mercy killing.

ஒன்றுபட்ட உலகத் தமிழினத்தை உருவாக்க, இன்றே உலகத் தமிழர் பேரவை – யுடன் இணைவீர்.  இணைய இங்கு அழுத்தவும்.

Shanavi is an engineer, a model and an actor, but none of her qualifications mattered to the airlines. She also has plenty of achievements to her credit. She’s the first graduate from her family, who also has experience in customer support for a national airline.

The 26-year-old engineer, who is originally from Tiruchendur, had worked with Sutherland Global Services and Air India Customer Support before she underwent a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in 2014.

“I worked there for a year and one month and did not face any problems. I had explained my status to the HR and they were very supportive,” says Ponnusamy, who then saved up money for her surgery.

The candidate met all the eligibility criteria under the ‘female’ category – body measurements, BMI, height etc. That did not stop Air India from rejecting her four times, with no explanation whatsoever. She claims she had appeared for the eligibility test 4 times, cleared all the rounds and did not get selected in either.

Shanavi Ponnusamy letters to President :

From ,

Shanavi Ponnusamy

To ,
The President Of India
Rastrapati Bhavan,

Respected Sir,
Sub: Trans-women requesting for Mercy Killing due to gender discrimination by Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air India .

I am the pettioner who filled a case in supreme court of india for civil aviation and air india denied my candidature because of gender discrimination.

After long struggle I successfully completed My engineering graduation in 2010 and I am the first graduate in my generation.I was working with Air India customer support executive(International).where I have successfully served for 1 year later I undergone to my surgery.The procedure of name and gender change published in tamilnadu gazette.

Now from past two years,4 times I got a call letter for Air India cabin crew female post but my name was not in final list .Later i came to know that Air india reserved seats only for female where I cant make cutoff then after long struggle to contact Ministry of civil aviation and Air india replied that as per their recruitment policy they dont have category for ‘Transwomen’

Though I have eligibility and experience , more than that citizen of india but denied my basic rights just because of my nature of gender.

So our Supreme court of india takes step on it and asked Air india and Ministry of Civil aviation to respond with in 4 weeks on 6 th nov’17.But till the date there is no response from them and am really facing a survival issue because of denying my basic rights to live in this country.It is clearly understand that indian government not ready to respond on my survival issue and employment question even supreme court order them to response with in 4 weeks on 6th nov’17. And I am not in a condition to pay for my daily food expense so its absolutely not at all possible to manage supreme court case by paying advacates and registrar court and etc.

So here am requesting to you that as am not able to raise in quetion againt ot Air india and Ministry of civil aviation as there is no response from them already ,Kindly do ‘Euthanize’.I am proud to die in my indian government hand.

your truly,
Shanavi Ponnusamy.


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